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stopgap n : something contrived to meet an urgent need or emergency [syn: makeshift]

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  1. temporary; short-term
    They put a stopgap solution in place, but need something more permanent.


  1. A temporary measure or short-term fix used until something better can be obtained.
    The small company uses their new product features as a stopgap until they can develop a new product.

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action, ad hoc, ad hoc measure, ad lib, ad libitum, ad-lib, ad-libbing, alternate, alternative, answer, arrangement, artifice, backup, band-aid, bung, check valve, cock, contrivance, cork, counterfeit, countermove, coup, course of action, demarche, dernier ressort, device, dodge, dummy, effort, emergency, equivalent, ersatz, expediency, expedient, extemporaneous, extemporaneousness, extemporariness, extemporary, extempore, extemporization, fake, faucet, gimmick, imitation, impromptu, improvisation, improvisational, improvisatorial, improvise, improvised, improvision, improviso, jury-rig, jury-rigged, jury-rigged expedient, last expedient, last resort, last shift, lid, makeshift, makeshifty, maneuver, means, measure, mock, move, off-the-cuff, offhand, peg, phony, pin, pinch, pis aller, playing by ear, plug, pro tempore, provisional, proxy, recourse, refuge, reserve, resort, resource, rough-and-ready, rough-and-tumble, sea cock, secondary, shake-up, shift, solution, spare, spigot, spike, spile, spill, step, stop, stopper, stopple, stratagem, stroke, stroke of policy, substitute, tactic, tap, temporary, temporary arrangement, temporary expedient, temporary measure, tentative, token, trick, trump, unrehearsed, utility, valve, vicarious, working hypothesis, working proposition
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